How does your development process work?

  1. Clients schedule an initial free consultation with The Creativ Consultants to review the services needed.

  2. An estimate will be sent with the deposit information and breakdown of the services requested. 

  3. Once the deposit is paid the client will then email all the requested materials to begin the project. 

  4. The Creativ Consultants aims to meet with clients every 48 hours for updates via a virtual video consultation or a phone call.

  5. Updates are reviewed live with the client and feedback and notes are taken until the project is completed.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, The Creativ Consultants require a deposit for all services that is non-refundable after the first consultation meeting for updates after the deposit has been paid.

Do we need to have a face-to-face meeting to start a project together?

No, clients can meet virtually or via phone to begin the design process for any services requested.

What information is needed to begin?

Depending on the project The Creativ Consultatnts will ask for a company name, logo, color scheme, product information, and social media accounts. We will help you add user permissions so personal information is not shared.